APODCAA's 6th Induction of Officers

Induction of Officers 2013-2014 - 01/26/2013

Subject: Word of thanks
Date: January 29, 2013


On behalf of the newly installed APODCAA officers, I would like to thank each and everyone for gracing our induction ball last Saturday. It was a big success attended by our brods and sis both locally and from an out of town including our friends and family. It turned out to be a fun and enjoyable evening. Everyone had a good time, as well as enjoyed the food and drinks provided during the post fellowship party at the Hospitality Suite that lasted up to wee hours of the morning.

I'm so grateful that a number of you made contributions and stepped up to the plate. Keep in mind the success of this event won't be possible without the hard work and dedication of APODCAA members and their families like the following:

ACNA President Bro. Lito Tarculas and his wife, Sis Josie Tarculas - Guest Speaker

Induction Committee
1. Bro. Doods Castellano and Bro. Jun Cristobal - Co-chair - Induction committee
2. Sis Milvy, Bro. Soan, Bro. Romy - Souvenir Program Committee
3. Bro. Danny, Bro. Bodgie - Invitees committee
4. Bro. Santy, Bro. Ding, Bro. Yoki, Bro. Anthony, Bro. Sherwin, Bro. Irick - Logistic, Decoration set up, Seating arrangement committee
5. Bro. Jerome - official photographer
6. Bro. Rudy, Sis Nanette, Sis Lulu - Registration, Finance committee
7. Sis Jenny, Bro. Joel - MC
8. Bro. Vic Basamot- for hosting, feeding us during the committee meetings
9. Sis Beth - post fellowship party

Those who contributed food to the hospitality suite
1. Mila Oasan
2. Dadit Salamat
3.Fely Gomez
4. Sis Lulu Sipin
5. Sis Nanette Malapitan
6. Sis Lou Carbon
7. Sis Beth Wong

Those who contributed drinks
1 Bro. Bodgie Oasan
2. Bro. Ding Gomez
3. Bro. Boy Luna
4. Bro. Rudy Magsalin
5. Bro. Munding Obias
6. Bro. Manny Goce (who wanted to contribute a keg of beer)

Those who invited outside sources
1. Bro. Soan Vasquez
2. Sis Jenny Hona
3. Sis Milvy Murray
4. Bro. Romy Valle
5. Bro. Boy Luna
6. Bro. Ding Gomez
7. Sis Lowy Terrel
8. Sis Beth Wong
9. Bro. Jun Cristobal
10. Bro. Bodgie Oasan
11. Bro. Manny Goce
12. Bro. Doods Castellano

Transportation for APOGNY brods & sis
1. Bro. Romy Valle
2. Bro. Ding Gomez
3. Bro. Louie Hankins

Please accept my apology in advance if I missed anyone.

The level of participation, contribution and cooperation from Brods and Sis in this event was high. Thank you for coming forward and be counted. And if we continue our participation on this level, the next 2 years will be productive and I'm sure it will be fun as we all work together for a common goals.

Once again, thank you all for sparing your valuable time to make our event successful.
May we always be,

Sis Beth A. Wong
APODCAA 2013-2014

Brothers and Sisters:

This is an addendum to what I have sent earlier. Please pardon my memory, I think my age is catching up with me.

I forgot to mention a member of the invitation committee Bro. Di Aquino along with its member, Bro. Bodgie Oasan and chaired by Bro. Danny Francia also helped us to make our event successful and memorable.

Thank you Bro. Di and to your lovely wife, Mary.

Similarly, a special thank you to the following for hosting the Pre Inaugural Fellowship and those who provided food and drinks during the 2 days fellowships for Bro. Lito Tarculas and Sis Josie:
1. Bro. Benny Domingo for hosting the Pre Inaugural fellowship on Thursday
2. Bro. Ding, Bro Joel and Lou Carbon for the food
3. Bro. Doods and Brenda for hosting the Friday fellowships
4. Sis Lulu, Bro Santi, Sis Axi, Bro. Pol for bringing the food on Friday's fellowship.
5. Bro Vic, Scarlett for the Pentagon Tour and dinner they have extended to Bro, Lito and Sis Josie on Friday.

In addition, I'd like to personally acknowledged our new members from GLA, Bro. Joel Carbon and his wife Lou for providing transportation and lodging to Bro. Lito and Sis Josie Tarculas.

Again, if I missed someone, please let me know.

Sis Beth

Photos contributed by Bro. Mody

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