Marine Corps Marathon Service 2014

Maraming salamat po sa inyong todong pagsuporta sa 39th Marine Corps Marathon. The opportunity to serve was great, but showing our familial members, friends and the Marines at Hains Point that our call to service is always done with joy is priceless. 39 sign ups, 49 volunteers to include non-APO volunteers assigned to Mile 13. As one who has run several marathons when I still had more hair on my head, I thank you for taking the time to support the runners. Your cheers and words of encouragement do make a difference.

We had an APO family member running the marathon. Dadit's son, Andrew, participated in the event. Didn't get the chance to catch him when he passed as it was really fast and furious after the first wave of runners! I hope he got a personal best out of this run. Personally, we had two friends come through and were very appreciative of the support.

Kudos to Bro. Rudy's suggestion for gas blowers and rakes-made the clean up a lot quicker and much more efficient. Bros. Bodgie and Mody's gas blowers led part of the clean up towards Mile 14. Other volunteers worked closely with the Marines to assist with the voluminous amount of runner-discarded trash. I didn't expect us to be done that quickly, but such is the power of partnership. There were members who didn't sign up yet took the time to serve. You know who you are, and I tip my hat on your steadfastness to help out. Sa mga nagdala ng pagkain, maraming salamat po.

For those who couldn't make it, you missed out on a wonderful event. But there's always next year. Assume chairmanship and the success in the end is much more satisfying.

May the spirit of service continue to reign in everyone's hearts, and once again, my sincerest thanks for making this service activity run as well as it has.

Bro. JoelC

Photos contributed by apklpz

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