Hon. Brod Vice-President Jojo Binay's Reception 2011
APODCAA hosted a Reception Dinner for Brod Jojo Binay and his Delegation on February 1, 2011 at Meiwah Restaurant in Washington, DC.
APODCAA 5th Dinner Dance
APODCAA 5th Dinner Dance @ Ft Myer last November 6, 2010. Part of the proceeds went to Migrant Heritage Commission.
Brod Ding Gomez's 60th Birthday
Brod Ding Gomez 60th Birthday Celebration at Alexandria, Virginia on July 4, 2010...
Eggstravaganza 2010
Annual Easter Fellowship with the Family last April 3, 2010 at Great Falls Park
Thelma Billy / Feed the Homeless Service
APODCAA assisted Thelma Billy with her annual easter feeding the homeless
Atlantic City 2010
Part of the proceeds went to Thelma Billy Foundation
Thanksgiving 09
Distribution of clothing to the homeless in Washington, DC
Dinner Dance 09
The 4th Annual Dinner Dance held @ Ft Myer, November 2009
Marine Corps Marathon 09
Thank you for your support of our uniformed men and women fighting in foreign lands to protect this great Nation's security
Kidney Walk 09
APODCAA participate in raising awareness on Kidney Disease and funds for the National Kidney Foundation in Washington, DC
Sept General Meeting / Charter Installation
General Meeting and Charter Installation with (APO Phil) National President Bro Mel Adriano last September 12, 2009
Camping 09
APODCAA goes to VA beach for family camping last August 21-23, 2009!
Memorial Mass for Cory
Memorial Mass held in St. Matthew's Cathedral last August 7, 2009
Pistang Pilipino 2009
APODCAA members, families, and friends led the way in celebrating this year's Pistang Pilipino on Sunday, June 28, 2009, with aplomb.
Hands on DC 2009
For the eighth year in a row, both the young and the not so young enjoyed each others company and helped to make a difference in the community and the lives of its school children.
4th Induction of Officers Ball 2009
Induction of Officers for 2009 - 2010 was held on January 24, 2009 at Far East Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland..
Christmas Party 2008
APODCAA Christmas Party held at Sis Eva and Noddie's residence in Silver Spring, MD last Dec 13, 2008!
Dinner Dance 2008
APODCAA's 3rd Annual Octoberfest Dinner Dance was held on October 11, 2008 at..
Kidney Walk 2008
Kidney Walk 08 in Downtown Silver Spring, MD, last September 20, 2008
Hands On DC 2008
APODCAA members refurbished Benjamin Orr Elem School on April 26, 2008..
Bataan Death March 66th Anniversary
APODCAA celebrated Bataan Death March 66th Anniversary on April 9, 2008..
Mount Vernon Bike Tour 2008
APODCAA Family and Friends Bike Team's Mount Vernon tour was held on April 6, 2008..
Baby Showers 2008
Geolie Escobar and Geraldine Balino's baby showers were held on..
Easter Eggstravaganza 2008
Easter Eggstravaganza was held on March 22 at Sis Milvie's residence..
Dialysis Machines Project
Joint service project of APODCAA, APOGNY, and APO-ACNA to deliver 29 dialysis machines to the Philippines..
Nelia Holgado Despedida Fund Raising
APODCAA supported Migrant Heritage Commision's Fund Raising for Nelia Holgado on January 26, 2008..
1st GMM - January 12, 2008
APODCAA held their first 2008 General Membership Meeting on January 12, 2008..
PAFC Induction 2008
Representatives of APODCAA attended the PAFC Induction of Officers on January 9, 2008..
Bon Voyage 2008
Despedida and Wedding Anniversary Party was given to Brod EphEph on January 5, 2008...
BOD Meeting 2007
Board of Directors met on December 29, 2007..
Christmas Party 2007
APODCAA held their Annual Christmas Party on December 8, 2007..
Adopt-A-School Project 2007
Salvacion Elementary School in Santo Domingo, Albay is APODCAA's Adopt-A-School recipient for 2007..
APO-TGP Joint Project 2007
APODCAA initiates APO-Tau Gamma Phi joint project on November 3, 2007..
U.S. Marine Corps Marathon 2007
APODCAA supported the U.S. Marine Corps Marathon on October 28, 2007...
Dinner Dance 2007
APODCAA's October Fest Dinner Dance was held on October 20, 2007...
GMM - October 13, 2007
9th General Membership Meeting was held on October 13, 2007...
Psoriasis Walk 2007
APODCAA supported The Psoriasis Walk for the Cure on October 6, 2007...
FVR's Book Launch 2007
APODCAA members attended the book launch of former Philippine President/APO Pi Chapter Brod Fidel V. Ramos...
PAFC/PFC Picnic 2007
APODCAA assisted other Fil-Am organizations in Parking Control on June 24, 2007..
5th GMM - June 16, 2007
5th GMM for 2007 was held on June 16, 2007 at the Sipin's residence..
Abby's Christening - June 9, 2007
APODCAA members celebrated Abby's Christening on June 9, 2007..
Philippine Independence Day 2007
Philippine Independence Day parade was chaired and marshalled on June 3, 2007 by..
Philippine Embassy Costume Gallery Project
Philippine Embassy Costume Gallery Project was inaugurated on May 18, 2007..
4th GMM - May 5, 2007
4th GMM for 2007 was held on May 5, 2007 at Sis Arlen's residence..
Hands On DC 2007
Hands On DC service project was held on April 28, 2007..
Bernadette's Baby Shower
Bernadette Busog baby shower was held on April 14, 2007 @ Brod Santi and Sis Lulu's residence..
Easter Egg Hunt 2007 - 3rd GMM
Easter Egg Hunt 2007 - 3rd GMM were held on April 8, 2007 @ Brod Bennie's residence..
ACNA Meeting 2007 - Chicago
ACNA Quarterly Meeting was held on March 29 to April 1, 2007 in Chicago..
Induction 2007
Induction of 2007-2008 APODCAA Officers held last January 13, 2007 @ Best Western Inn, Mclean VA..
Special Meetings
Special meetings for the Induction preparation last Dec 29/30 2006, held @ Bro Ding's residence..
Christmas Party 2006
Christmas Party held last December 9, 2006 @ Boy Luna's Residence..
GMM 12/02
GMM last Dec 2 @ Sis Eva Barrion's Residence..
Thanksgiving Service 06
Thanksgiving Service was held in Washington DC park handing out packed turkey meals feeding the homeless...
GMM/Vote 06
APODCAA's new set of officers for the year 2007/2009 was elected @ Tita Dits place last Nov 4, 2006...
Dinner and Dance 06
The first Dinner and Dance of APODCAA for the benefit of Adopt a School in Philippines....
Marine Corp Marathon 06
Marine Corp Marathon Service held in Washington DC...
100th years of Filipino Migration to the US - Service 06
APODCAA service for the 100th year anniversary of Filipino Migration to the US...
GMM @ Sis Arlen 06
GMM last October @ Sis Arlene's...
Camping 06
APODCAA Family Camping 06...
Bookdrive Sept 2006
Bookdrive held in Tyson's Corner, VA...
GMM - From May to August 2006
GMM were held on May 13th, July 21st, and August 12th...
Summer 2006 Home Maintenance/Fund Raising
Home Maintenance Fund Raising were held on May 6th and July 4th weekend...
Philippine Independence Day 2006
APODCAA took the role as parade, grounds, stage, and water marshals on June 4, 2006...
Hawaiian Luau Wedding Shower
APODCAA Hawaaian wedding shower for Brod Mody and Tita Dits was held on May 20, 2006...
APODCAA Meets President Ramos
APODCAA met former President and Pi Brod Fidel Ramos on May 13, 2006...
Hands On DC 2006
APODCAA volunteered to paint the hallway of Cardozo High School in DC on April 29, 2006...
4th GMM 2006 and Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt and 4th GMM was held on April 16, 2006 at Featherstone Veterans Park in Woodbridge, Virginia...
3rd GMM 2006
Third GMM of 2006 was held on March 11, 2006 at Brod Jesse and Sis Ellen Dayrit's residence ...
Brod Neldo's Fellowship
Brod Neldo Coronel's last minute surprise Fellowship Party was held on March 3, 2006 at ...
SuperBowl XL Fellowship
The SuperBowl Fellowship was held on February 5, 2006 at Brod EpEp Escobar's residence...
First GMM 2006
The first GMM was held on January 14, 2006 at Brod Vic DeLeon's residence...
New Year's Eve Party 2005
Members of APODCAA and their families joined together in celebrating New Year's Eve on December 31, 2005...
APO EastCoast Induction 2005
APODCAA sent member delegations to attend the 18th APO EastCoast Induction of Officers in Secaucus, New Jersey on December 16, 2005...
Christmas Party 2005
The 2005 Annual APODCAA Christmas Party was held on December 10, 2005 at Brod Chito Yabes Burke, Virginia residence...
Paskong Pinoy Service 2005
APODCAA decorated The Pope Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC in preparation for Paskong Pinoy Concert on December 3, 2005...
Thanksgiving Service 2005
Indeed, I have plenty to be thankful to God for the past year. We have our loving families and each other; this is a great thing to be thankful...
WOW Gawad Kalinga Service 2005
Brother President Mody Olympia along with Service Chairman Brother Anthony Busog led APODCAA volunteers to lend a helping hand to the very first Gawad Kalinga EXPO...
US Marine Corps Marathon 2005
APODCAA served at Water Point #10, Ohio Drive past Buckeye Drive railroad bridge in Washington, DC...
2005 10th GMM and Fund Raising
APODCAA 10th GMM and Home Maintenance Fund Raising was held at Sis Arlen's residence at Bowie, Maryland...
Home Maintenance Fund Raising Continues
APODCAA continues the Summer 2005 Home Maintenance and Fund Raising Campaign...
Fall 2005 Billard Tournament of Champions
APODCAA's Fall 2005 Billard Tournament of Champions was held on September 23, 2005 at...
APODCAA's 2005 9th GMM
APODCAA's 2005 9th GMM was held on September 10, 2005 at...
APODCAA's Home Maintenance/Fund Raising Campaign
APODCAA's launched Summer 2005 Home Maintenance and Fund Raising Campaign...
APODCAA's 2005 8th GMM and Officer's Meeting
APODCAA's 2005 8th GMM was held on August 13, 2005 at ...
Fellowship for Mark Hamoy of Theta and Sohrab of Houston
Fellowship for visiting brods Mark Hamoy (Theta) and Sohrab (Gamma) was held on ...
Philippine Independence Day 2005
Philippine Independence Day Service happened last June 5, 2005 @ Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC
APODCAA's Fellowship and Despedida Party
APODCAA's fellowship and despedida party was held on May 15, 2005 at ...
South Riding Yardsale 2005
The first APODCAA Yardsale was successfully held last May 14, 2005 (Sat) @ South Riding, VA.
APODCAA's 2005 5th GMM
APODCAA's 2005 5th GMM was held on May 14, 2005 at ...
Hands-On-DC Service Project - May 7, 2005
APODCAA members and families volunteered to refurbish Ferebee-Hope Community School Complex in Washington, DC ...
APODCAA 4th GMM - April 9, 2005
APODCAA members and families volunteered to refurbish Ferebee-Hope Community School Complex in Washington, DC ...
Billard Tournament, PID Committee Meeting, Execom Meeting
APODCAA held its Spring 2005 Billard Tournament on April 1st, Philippine Independence Day (PID) Committee Meeting on April 2nd, and Executive Meeting (Execom) on April 3rd...
2005 APODCAA Easter Egg Hunt and 3rd GMM
APODCAA held its 2005 Annual Easter Egg Hunt and 3rd GMM on March 27, 2005...
ACNA 2005 1st Quarterly Meeting and 100th Bado's Birthday Celebration
ACNA First Quarterly Meeting for 2005 and 100th Bado's Birthday celebration was held on March 18-20, 2005 at Best Western Golden Sails Hotel in Long Beach, California...
Meeting/Superbowl Party
Meeting/Superbowl Party held last Feb 6, 2005 @ Bro. Rene's House..
ACNA-APODCAA Induction 2005
ACNA-APODCAA Induction of Officers for 2005-2006 held last January 15, 2005 at the Holiday Inn...
APO EastCoast Induction 2004
APO EastCoast held their induction of officers for 2005 on December 11, 2004...
Philippine Embassy Christmas Lantern Service Project
APODCAA members, families, and friends joined together in making Christmas lanterns and decorating The Philippine Embassy on November 14th and December 5th, 2004 ...
Thanksgiving Service 2004
APODCAA prepared and distributed food for the homeless in the District of Columbia on November 25, 2004, Thanksgiving Day...
US Marine Corps Marathon 2004
APODCAA members volunteered on October 31st at Water Point #9 at the Awakening in Haines Point...
Philippine Embassy Heritage2 Service Project
Given a 2-day notice, APODCAA responded with full service support of Phillipine Embassy's Heritage2 Affair on October 16, 2004 in celebration of Filipino-American Heritage and History Month. In the true spirit of scouting, APODCAA proved that We Are Always Ready..
ACNA Convention 2004
The 7th Biennial ACNA Convention was held in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada on September 2-5, 2004...
APO EastCoast Camping 2004
APODCAA members joined APO EastCoast's Annual Family Camping in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania from July 2-5, 2004...
Philippine Independence Day 2004
On Sunday, June 6th 2004 over thirty members of APODCAA served as Marhalls for this year?s Philippine Independence Day Parade along Pennsylvania Avenue...
Hands On DC - May 1, 2004
Once again, a group of dedicated APO brethren unselfishly volunteered their weekend time to help refurbish, paint, and clean-up schools in the District of Columbia. This time the lucky school is Smothers Elementary School in Northeast DC...
ACNA Council Meeting - April 16-18, 2004
Members of Alpha Phi Omega from across the North American continent, including Canada, converged in the nation?s capital on April 16-18, 2004 and spent a fun-filled and exciting weekend...
February and March 2004 Activities
2004 2nd GMM, Valentines and February Celebrant Birthday Party was hosted by brod Rene Amon ('68 Beta Sigma) on February 14. Grand Billard Tournament was held on March 12 in Falls Church, Virginia and coordinated by brod Marcelo Deyto ('88 Gamma Omicron). Third GMM and birthday party on March 13 was hosted by celebrant brod Jesse Dayrit ('88 Gamma Psi) and wife Sis Ellen Dayrit ('85 Delta Kappa) at their gracious home in Laurel, Maryland.
2004 First GMM - January 17, 2004
APODCAA 2004 First GMM, sis Leslie Peralta-Yambao ('97 Iota Psi) baby shower, fellowship to brods Amor Doronio ('64 Theta) from San Antonio, TX and Boying Tabuena ('73 Theta) and sis Malou Cabrido ('73 Theta) from Philadelphia, PA.
New Years Eve Party - December 31, 2003
APODCAA brods, sis, family, and friends celebrated New Years Eve party hosted by Tita Dits and brod Mody ('67 Theta).
APODCAA Annual Christmas Party - December 20, 2003
APODCAA Annual Christmas Party was hosted by Prez. Doods Castellano coordinated by sis Lowy Terrell (Beta Tau '80).
East Coast Officers Induction - December 13, 2003
APODCAA joined the Alumni Association of the East Coast December 16 Anniversary Celebration and Induction of Incoming Officers for 2004
Thanksgiving 2003 Service Project
APODCAA bros, sis, family, and friends distributed food, jackets, and blankets to the homeless around the DC area on November 27, 2003 - Thanksgiving Day.
U.S. Marine Corp Marathon Service Project - October 2003
APODCAA coordinated by Service chair/brod Vic DeLeon (Epsilon Psi '82) and APO USA joined hands to assist runners at Water Point #7.
Doods Birthday - October 2003 GMM
2003 APODCAA President/brod Doods Castellano ('84 Delta Kappa) celebrated his 28th birthday and GMM on October 4, 2003.
APODCAA September 2003 Activities
Brod Col. Dholfhs Llorca (Rho'76 - VP APO Philippines of Alumni Affairs) APODCAA visit on September 26; GMM and Fellowship on September 20; Tita Dits Birthday and Fellowship on September 6.
Brod Marlon Simon Birthday Party - August 23, 2003
Brod Marlon Simon (Epsilon '80A) celebrated his birthday on August 23, 2003 at Tony and Edna Peralta's gorgeous home in Severn, Maryland (around Baltimore/Annapolis area).
APODCAA Camping August 15-17, 2003
APODCAA camping was held on August 15-17, 2003 in Westmoreland State Park in Montross, Virginia.
Joemar Camacho Fellowship August 1, 2003
Joemar Camacho (APO Midwest) Fellowship on August 1, 2003 at Rene Amon's ('68 Beta Sigma Chapter) Residence in Mclean, Virginia.
GMM and Fellowship July 2003
General Membership Meeting and Fellowship on July 19, 2003 at Di Aquino's ('73 Alpha Delta Chapter) Residence in Burke, Virginia.
East Coast Camping July 2003
APO East Coast Camping with APODCAA members in Poconnos Mountains, Pennsylvania on July 3-6, 2003.
Philippine Independence Day Parade 2003
APODCAA Members with Ambassador Albert del Rosario and Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon
Mini Olympics 2003
APODCAA Members and Family Attended APO East Coast Mini Olympics in New Jersey on June 21, 2003
Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2003
APODCAA members, their families, friends, and children from the neighboring Fairfax City attended the event on April 20, 2003 hosted by brod Mody Olympia (Theta '67).
Hands-On-DC Service Project 2003
APODCAA members volunteered and painted Terrell Elementary School in South East DC as part of Hands-On-DC Project Organization which creates better schools and brighter future for students in the District of Columbia.
Induction of Officers 2003
The first APODCAA Induction of Officers happened in Dale City, Virginia
ABC Clean-up
Clean-up Service held in Silver Spring, Maryland
Feed d Poor
Service held in Washington DC to distribute groceries to the needy.
Habitat for Humanity
Another service held in Fairfax, Virginia for the low income families to have an affordable housing unit.
APO Eastcoast Family Camping
Fellowship in the wildlife with the brothers and sisters from APO Eastcoast.
Philippine Independence Day Service
Lots of foods, entertainment, sight seeings. What more can you ask for in a service? Happened in Baltimore, Maryland.
Christmas in April Service @ D.C.
Spring time clean-up @ the park in Washington, D.C.
Sligo Service
First Service of APODCAA.
Easter @ the park
Time to hunt the eggs! Pictures last Easter held in Maryland are available for viewing here!
Visit to Lafayette College
Take a closer look at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA
Old Pictures Before APODCAA
Compilation of member's photos before they joined APODCAA..

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