Kalayaan 2013

PAFC Parade Picnic - 6/30/2013

Subject: Philippine Festival Parade Picnic
Date: June 30, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you, your generous time, commitment, patience, camaraderie, the laughter and most of all your services rendered to make the PID picnic and sport fest festival fun,enjoyable despite of heavy down pour that almost became Pasig River in our tent site. Similarly, please convey my sincere appreciation to the members of your family who likewise join with us in the celebration.

Thank you also to those who brought food, drinks, props and other paraphernalia needed for such event such as:
1. Bro. Ding for the 2 tents and food - without the tents we're all soaking wet.
2. Brothers Paul, Ding, Romy, Sherwin, Rudy, Mody, Anthony, Phillip, Danny, Rhadee, Di, Doods for the set up of the tent and clean up as well.
3.Bro. Yoki for Igado, Bro. Bodgie & wife Mila for the dinuguan & Puto, Sis Nenette for the Halo-halo, Sis Lulu & Bro. Santi for the food and coordinating the lechon for the parade along with Bro Victor, Bro. Ervin.
4. Bro. Joel, and wife Lou for the fruits. Sis Jenny for the mango
5. Bro. Rudy for the ice and oil.
7. Bro. Romy for the danggit
8. Bro. Mody & Sis Milvie for the T-shirts which made us look good during the parade
9. Bro. Paul, Sis Axie, the Sipin's sisters & company who created the props for the lechon

If I missed anyone, kindly add your name to be recognize. As a co-emcee, I've been running around and lost track of those who's who.

I'd like also to acknowledged brods and sis like Sis Fe Miranda, Cora, Bro. Rudy & wife and another brods whom I forget to get his name for coming to the picnic.

Again, thanks to everyone. It was a pleasure to be of service and looking forward for another get together in the future.

Sis Beth Subject: Word of thanks

Photos contributed by Bro. Mody

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