Toast Song

The National Fraternity acknowledges the importance of Brotherhood among all people. In 1976, the National Fraternity overwhelmingly voted to include women among its Brothers as full Members. The words in this toast song are interpreted by the Fraternity to include all Members of Alpha Phi Omega. (Sung to the tune of "Alma Mater")
Here's to Alpha Phi Omega, Loyal Brothers we,
True to Self and to each other, firm in loyalty
Daily working, daily striving, ever more to be,
Men of Alpha Phi Omega, our Fraternity.

Brothers clasp the hands of Brothers, strong the circle we,
Ever mindful ever serving all humanity
Now we raise our grateful voices, in our song to thee
Men of Alpha Phi Omega, may we always be.

Symbols of the Fraternity
In the early days of our Fraternity our Founders chose recognizable objects that would be representative symbols of the spirit of our guiding principles of Leadership, Friendship & Service. They selected items of historical and traditional value and notability. The meaning and definitions of these symbols have not changed in our lifetimes, and likely will not.

Jewel: Diamond
- The most precious of all gemstones representing brilliance, luster, always increasing in value, and an expression of the greatest gift of love when given.

Flower: Forget-Me-Not
- a perennial flower with royal blue blossoms. It is everlasting, always remembered.

Tree: Oak
- We have all heard from a parent or mentor at least once in our lives the story of the sturdy oak tree that grew from a small acorn. The oak is stately, sturdy, and sheltering. Colors: Blue and Gold - Our color of blue is a royal blue color. It is elegant, a sign of pure deed and thought. A color in our nation's flag. - Our color of gold is called "old glory" gold. A color also found in the nation's flag (fringe & tassels). It represents the high value, respect, royalty, and a sign of love.

Bird: Golden Eagle
- At the 1976 National Convention the delegates chose another symbol to further this richness of our history and traditions. They declared the golden eagle as a new Fraternity symbol. An eagle is often found as a standard or as a part of the seal of a nation. The golden eagle symbolizes strength, gracefulness, keenness of vision, and endurance.

Cardinal Principles
Leadership Friendship Service

Motto of the Fraternity
Be a leader Be a friend Be of service

The Pin
This badge, worn by thousands of Members of APO, is the "Emblem of Campus Service." Students and faculty alike recognize and respect the activities for which it stands.

The Coat of Arms The ideals of Alpha Phi Omega are embodied in our Coat of Arms. As everyone who has passed through the ritual knows, the symbolism of the Coat of Arms stands for the very purpose of our Brotherhood.

Badges, Keys, Monogram Recognition Button and other jewelry are obtainable. Pledge and Service Pins, Decals, Embroidered Crests, and Banners are available from the National Office. The Chapter Distinguished Service Key is given by a Chapter and may be worn on a blue ribbon or chain. The Fraternity also offers Life Member Pins, which are available through the National Office. With the exception of the Pledge pin and the petitioning pin, only initiates (Brothers) may order and wear fraternity insignia. The badge is available as a pin or as a key and represents the individual's Membership in Alpha Phi Omega.
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